Jordan commit to participating in an Innovation Hub that will facilitate the uptake of new approaches and technologies to tackle corruption

Status: Complete

This commitment has no defined end date and there is evidence that activity has started.

The Concerned Authorities:

-Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship.

-The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

-Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission.

-The Prime Minister / Government Achievement Unit.

-Public Security Directorate.


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The Innovation hub has been established within the Integrity and Anti- Corruption Commission, and there is currently a team to review the future vision of the innovation and training project.

– Work is underway to prepare and arrange for a training program to develop the authority’s capabilities and harness modern technology for the Commission’s employees under the title “Collecting digital evidence sources and using digital corruption investigation tools.

Draft instructions for the selection of trainers were prepared. 

*In coordination with Innovation hub, Rasheed (TI-JO) and Open Ownership trained civil servants on the concepts and importance of Beneficial ownership.

The hub should be the bridge between CSOs and other governmental institutes to communicate the practices and experience of CSOs to governmental entities

The Current Situation

The Jordanian government has adopted the Fourth National Plan for the 2018-2020 for the Transparency Government Partnership Initiative, the second commitment of which referred to the development and promotion of the application of the open government data policy and the unification and development of mechanisms for receiving complaints related to human rights.

The updated National Strategy for Integrity and Anti-Corruption for the years 2020-2025 will include a project to establish an innovation and training center. This training center has been also included in the suggested draft for the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Law, which was publish on March 11th 2020, and will be discussed in the Parliament after 40 days of its suggestion date.

The investigations and detection procedure for corruption cases are conducted in high technological methods, and data mining system will be established within the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission, which will connect all governmental institutions.

A mobile application to receive whistleblowers complaints has been launched on December 2019.

Establishing a call center at the Commission to receiver whistleblowers reports.

In 2019, a specialized ministry was created under the name of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship; it is responsible for preparing the general policy for the development of digital infrastructure for the telecommunications and information technology. It implements many initiatives, activities and events aiming at making Jordan an innovation center for information technology in the region in order to contribute to enhancing national integrity and fighting corruption, such as:

-Working to improve the legislative environment related to specialty of the ministry;

-Focusing on spreading the culture of leadership in Jordan by establishing 80 business incubators in all governorates within Jordan;

-Working with the relevant government agencies to facilitate the procedures for registering companies and making them available through a single online investment portal.