International Sport Integrity Partnership

Jordan will join the international Sport Integrity Partnership.

Status: Ongoing

This commitment has no defined end date and there is evidence that activity has started.

The Concerned Authorities:

  • Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission.
  • The Jordanian Olympic Commission


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IPACS responded to the Olympic Committee and they were asked to nominate a representative to participate in IPACS next meeting (most likely in December). 

The Current situation:

The Jordanian Olympic Commission established pursuant to the Olympic Committee Law No. 13 of 2007 and according to the regulations issued in accordance with it, it has taken a set of initiatives that enhance the integrity system in the sports sector as the concerned authority. The commission has developed Instructions on Safeguarding Athletes from Harassment and Abuse in Sport, also the commission has translated the Athletes Declaration disseminated  it to athletes and sport clubs.  

Article 20 in the regulations of the national sports federations, specifies the role of the Jordanian Olympic Committee as an official body responsible for implementing administrative and financial oversight related to national sports federations in addition to evaluating performance.

The JIACCs in the procedure of being a member in the IPACS.